pure nitrogen generator / ultra high-purity / high-purity / process
IMT SN Series INMATEC GaseTechnologie



  • Gas characteristics:

    pure, ultra high-purity, high-purity

  • Domain:

    process, laboratory

  • Other characteristics:

    PSA, membrane, onsite, compact, mobile, containerized

  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 12.3 m³/h (434.37 ft³/h)

    Min.: 0.14 m³/h (4.944 ft³/h)

  • Output pressure:

    7 bar (101.53 psi)


Nitrogen from 0,14 Nm³/h – 12,30 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 95% up to 99,5%

IMT SN: Customised nitrogen with proven membrane technology

With the IMT SN product line, INMATEC offers a further option for stationary and mobile nitrogen production. Through the painted memory technology in compact and space-saving construction, small to medium quantities of nitrogen can be produced for the most varied areas of application at low compressed air supply.