superluminescent LED / infrared
SLD-1000-100-YY-25 Innolume GmbH



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  • Electrical power:

    0.025 W


A superluminescent light emitting diode is, similar to a laser diode, based on an electrically driven pn-junction that, when biased in forward direction, becomes optically active and generates amplified spontaneous emission over a wide range of wavelengths. The peak wavelength and the intensity of the SLD depend on the active material composition and on the injection current level. SLDs are designed to have high single pass amplification for the spontaneous emission generated along the waveguide but, unlike laser diodes, insufficient feedback to achieve lasing action. This is obtained very successfully through the joint action of a tilted waveguide and anti-reflection coated facets.

• Ultra broadband ASE spectra (950-1050nm)
• Low ripples
• Strong linear polarization
• Individual burn-in and thermal cycling screening
• RoHS compliance
• Fiber sensors, instrumentation, spectroscopy