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M3 Hybrid Innovalia-Metrology



  • Function:

    measurement, metrology

  • Applications:

    industrial, optical


The complete solution
The multiple international success stories of Innovalia Metrology has position us as a reference in the field of metrology and as a model for Industry 4.0. M3 Hybrid has created a system to simplify the process of scanning and measuring parts by combining two point capturing methods, namely: Non-contact 3D optical scanner using the Optiscan and touch probe sensor with which can be used in the same workflow. This newly proposed hybrid system could already reduce the measurement cycle time by 30%.
With M3´s ability to capture more than 60,000 points per second, Innovalia Metrology's solution surpasses other market proposals in speed, precision and adaptability.
The integration of the M3 Hybrid into production processes will lead to intelligent manufacturing, zero defect manufacturing and the quality control of any type of part. A leap into the future that adapts the quality process to the real needs of a company.
M3 is the opportunity to simplify the measurement process thanks to M3 Software (certified by PTB and NIST). M3 is designed to work in production lines as well as in labs and thanks to the ability to capture point clouds of more than 100 million points, it allows for the measurement of any piece in a fast and precise way.
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