air rotary distributor / for water / for oil / for refrigerant fluids
IRJ05 Inosol



  • Medium:

    for air, for water, for oil, for refrigerant fluids

  • Number of passages:


  • Pressure:

    250 bar (3,626 psi)

    Max.: 250 bar (3,626 psi)

  • Rotational speed:

    160 rpm (1,005 rad.min-1)


- Modular extendable
- Light weight
- Cost-efficient
- Position of the housing connections adjustable
- Multifarious connection possibilities
- Suitable for different media and gases
- With additional slide bearings

The rotary joints are made of high strength aluminum and the rotary piston is made of hardened stainless steel. They are used where media must be passed by a stationary- to a rotating component.