mass spectrometer / industrial / automatic / fast
GAM 300 InProcess Instruments



  • Type:


  • Field:

    industrial, automatic, fast

  • Other characteristics:

    robust, digital, gas, explosion-proof


Versatile process mass spectrometer for automatic online gas analysis in industrial processes (PAT); ATEX certification available for potentially explosive zones.

Digitally controlled mass spectrometer (mass range 1-300), with bus system
Faraday and SEM detector (optional) for fast measurements
Optimized ion source for various applications with service lives of more than one year
Robust and rapid gas inlet systems for various processes, including reactive processes
Extreme long-term stability and high availability

The GAM 300 is a versatile mass spectrometer for rapid and sensitive online gas analysis.

Almost 100% availability and annual maintenance intervals back up a reputation as a powerful routine device with reliable process monitoring and control.

The system is ideal for use in various industrial processes due to the remarkable long-term stability and high measuring speeds in routine analysis. With excellent linearity in lower mass ranges (H2/He), the GAM 300 is perfectly adapted to meet the requirements found in e.g. metallurgical applications.

The GAM 300 is ideal for continuous converter gas monitoring. In closed converter processes, the oxygen injection time and the carbon content in the steel melt can be determined, allowing the precise end point of the injection process to be specified.

The excellent performance of the GAM 300 in the production of EOX and ammonia has impressed the chemical industry. Excellent results are also obtained in the optimization of demanding processes, such as e.g. ketene production.