quadrupole mass spectrometer / industrial / for the metallurgical industry / for process gas
GAM 3000 InProcess Instruments



  • Type:

    quadrupole mass

  • Field:

    industrial, for the metallurgical industry, for process gas

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, for quality control, for production


GAM 3000 - Process gas quadrupole mass spectrometer for fast automated online gas analysis in industry and research

- Customizable configuration to the specific analytical needs of the application
- IPI QMS software connected with the PLC (process control systems) of the user; it features amongst others specially developed programs to monitore and control the converter process during steel production
- Process gas valve battery with response time t90 < 300 ms
- Completely revised electronics and control system with auto start sequence
- Significantly more compact than the previous models (25% lighter and smaller) associated with lower maintenance requirements