Goniometer stage / for high-precision angular alignment
190 - 2500 nm | GON360 Instrument Systems


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    for high-precision angular alignment


Spectral transmission and reflection measurements at any angle can be performed with the GON360 goniometer. Angles for illumination and measurement can also be set independently. Additionally, Optical fibers are used for linking the computation optics with the spectrometer along with the light source with the illumination optics.

Version from the LS100 / LS500 series can be used as light sources. It features contains manual and motorized versions, measurement angles adjustable over a full 360º, individual angle settings for illumination and measurement optics and digital angle display with 0.1º accuracy. It also comprises of 0.01° resolution, arge selection of holders and stages for the test sample.

There are provisional polarizers and viewing optics Various adjustable stages for right positioning of the test sample in the GON360 - linear translation stages as well as stages for adjusting height, inclination and rotation.


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