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vibration data-logger / shock / USB / without display
EDR-3 series Instrumented Sensor Techology, INc.



  • Measured quantity:

    vibration, shock

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    without display

  • Other characteristics:



Our portable impact, shock and vibration recorder has a built-in tri-axial accelerometer along with many other features including easy setup and use and can be battery powered for over thirty days, onboard memory and more.

Measures Shock, Vibration & Temperature
Options for Humidity, Pressure, Strain, Load, Full Waveform, Time History Recording and More
Download via USB or high speed serial
Built-in piezoresistive Tri-axial Accelerometer
Continuous recording from minutes to hours depending on memory & sample rate
Triggered recording up to several months or monger
5,291 event memory capacity
All events date/time stamped
Patented IST Sliding Window Overwrite (SWO) memory mode
Fully programmable sample rates, triggering, event lengths, memory modes
Up to 6 High-Speed Accelerometer channels
External input channel options for PE voltage mode accelerometers
Precision Low Noise accelerometers, DC response
Full scale g ranges from 2g to 500g
Sampling Frequency to 3.2 kHz/channel
Triggering: threshold, time-interval, time-delayed, time at level, external input, manual and networked
Automatic Offset Correction (for DC accelerations, Bridge Balancing)
Vibration Controller Compatibility for Field Data Replication, PSD Profiles
Battery powered continuous recording to 30+ Days , 60+ Days with New "Powersave" feature
Memory nonvolatile to 6+ months
Pre-trigger and post-trigger programmability- never misses anything
Extremely rugged: 500g+ shock fragility
Small Size: 37 cu in, 2.2 lb.
Powerful Windows NT/2000/XP/7 Software Included
Easy to Set Up and Use