load indicator / digital / LED / DIN rail
SkidLevel Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc



  • Measured value:


  • Display:

    digital, LED

  • Type:

    DIN rail


Damage to product and infrastructure by loads that are not at the proper angle on the forks as a result hydraulic tilt angle are a common occurrence in most material handling applications. Fortunately, these occurrences can be controlled in a safe and affordable way with the Skidlevel load level indicator.The IVDT “SkidLevel” series load level indicators are a simple, effective and very affordable product that allows the user to have clear understanding of how level their load is no matter what attachment they are using, or how high theproduct may be.Reduce potential damage to racking, pallets and product by always leveling without guesswork regardless if using forks or an attachment at any height. The product is fully digital, requires no installation and has a one-button calibration procedure that takes seconds to put into operation.