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OPC AE Archiver Integration Objects



  • Function:

    configuration, database, OPC, backup


Integration Objects’ OPC Easy Archiver‘s AE Component, OPC AE Archiver collects OPC AE data and historizes them to an ADO/ODBC compliant database. This OPC data collector can monitor alarms and events from multiple OPC AE servers. It supports relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. You can also store your OPC alarms into Excel or CSV files.

OPC AE Archiver enables filtering on alarms and events, using criteria such as event type, category, areas, sources, and severity.

OPC AE Archiver manages OPC Server redundancy, allowing users to designate backup servers in case the primary OPC server goes offline. Users can also export the configuration of the archiver, in order to import it when needed.

Using this OPC AE historian, you will have a complete historical record of your plant events and alarms thus empowering you with a sequence of events. Consequently, it gives users a broader perspective of their plant activities which can improve the plant performance.

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