hydraulic hose reel / self-retracting / open / heavy-duty
375 series Interlube Limited



  • Type:

    hydraulic hose

  • Drive mechanism:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    heavy-duty, grease, for food industry applications, construction, for mining, for cranes

  • Other characteristics:



The Tecreel range of self retracting hydraulic hoses has a maximum operating pressure of 300 bar or 4350 lbf/in.

The maximum voltage is 80 v while the maximum current is 4.5A or 6 wires. The device was designed for use in multifunctional hydraulic attachments.

The product transmits hydraulic power and electrical signals through the middle cable conduit bonded between two high pressure thermoplastic hoses. Lastly, the space saving design allows easy installation and maintenance.

Tecreel also eliminates slack or training hydraulic hoses where continuous types of hose length is required,while transferring hydraulic oil to moving, rotating and swiveling elements.

Lastly, All models can be supplied in various flange diameters, hose bore and pull-off lengths.