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Chain conveyor / roller / horizontal / transfer


  • Technology:

    chain, roller

  • Configuration:


  • Function:

    transfer, handling

  • Product application:

    for pallets

  • Maximum load:

    1500 kg (3306.93 lb)

  • Speed:

    Min.: 0.15 m/s (0.49 ft/s)

    Max.: 0.3 m/s (0.98 ft/s)


The Interroll Heavy range offers handling solutions for thetransportation of heavy goods on Euro, GKN Chep or industry specific pallets with unit loads of up to 15000 N (1500kg) using combinations of the following component parts:
- Roller Conveyor Modules (Driven Or Non- Driven)
- Transfer Car
- Chain Transfer
- Turntable

This allows system designers to concentrate on more important tasks such as system integration, layout planning, controls, installation and commissioning.


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