portable breathing apparatus


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There cannot be a simpler unit than the Spiroscape . Once it is donned, the user is able to focus on escape. This is made possible with the unique ambient air valve which automatically opens when the cylinder is depleted. Thereby eliminating the risk of suffocation inside the hood and no air is wasted on a low air warning alarm.
The patented air distribution system expels CO2 from the hood optimizing the use of air from the cylinder. The air flow is activated by pulling the quick start tab. This simultaneously opens the zipper on the carrying bag, giving the user access to the hood.
An anti-tamper tag verifies the integrity of the unit and the cylinder contents gauge can easily be read from the outside.
The Spiroscape comprises of a cylinder with breathing air which can be easily recharged with the simple quick fill system, providing a unit that is easy to re-use and ideal for training.
The hood has a very flexible neck seal providing an effective seal and making the hood easy to don and comfortable to wear.


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