floor-standing safety shower / indoor / outdoor


  • Mounting:


  • Applications:

    indoor, outdoor


These emergency safety showers can be used both in the indoors and outdoors. These showers are completely impervious to dust, water and weather discrepancies. There is a fully integrated cabin with lots of inner space allowing immediately emergency disrobing. These showers come with many outstanding features such as a heating system with R12 or R18 insulation to save energy bills. The bright white interiors ensure that these units are always well lit. There are double swing saloon doors and an insulated floor with two drains. Warning lights, horns and alarms alert the operator when something goes wrong. There is area classification that meets general purpose. Certification requirements as per Class 1 Div 1, Zone 0,1 or 2. Mixing systems within the shower maybe fully self contained. And steam, electric and mixed tempered water meets ANSI Z358 specifications.


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