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lubrication oil / silicone / for chain / for the textile industry
Iota silicone oil (Anhui) Co.Ltd



  • Function:

    for lubrication

  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    for chain

  • Field:

    for the textile industry

  • Other characteristics:

    high-temperature, low-temperature, transparent

  • Viscosity:

    Max.: 0.005 m²/s

    Min.: 0.0001 m²/s


Product introduction:

The long chain alkyl silicone oil is a new material that the methyl of poly-dimethyl siloxane is substituted with long alkyl. a graft structure new material silicone oil. Its molecular structure is:

(CH3) 3SiO[(CH3) 2SiO]m[(R) (CH3) SiO]nSi (CH3) 3

Where R is the number of carbon atoms more than 12. Compared with the traditional methyl silicone oil, the product has the general performance of silicone oil (such as high and low temperature resistance, wettability, and etc.), also has many new features, specifically in:

1. Better smoothness, abrasion resistance, can adapt to the user to produce more lubrication products to be used for more lubricated parts, such as the production of textile chemicals, oil, grease, etc.

2. Has a better compatibility with other oils, its stability is obviously better than using methyl silicone oil

3. The use of the product as a release agent, it can print, painting, adhesive products without cleaning the surface used, while the traditional methyl silicone oil generally need to wash before printing, adhesive

4 Because this product is better compatible with the organic material, it can be used the release agent of rubber, plastics, synthetic resins, etc., compared with dimethicone, more suitable for use in several oil phase or solid phase organic materials internal dispersants such as pigment dispersion

5 this product has very good moisturizing, smooth, prevent dry function, which is particularly suitable for the production of high-grade skin care products.