Hand-held thermal imaging camera
L503 IRay Technology Co.,Ltd.

It is one of most rugged, robust handheld IR thermal imager released by IRay. Clear thermal distribution allows you detect the anomalies and weak spots quickly and reliable. Thanks yo its automatic hot/center spot capturing and motorized focusing, it can be easily operted, delivers extremely high quality images. It is optimized to richen you problem solving arsenal, it has been widely applied in electricity, mechanism, automation, test & measurement and science/ R&D etc.
IRay also release 19200 pixels handheld IR thermographic imager L502 for routine inspection. It is the most affordable thermographic imager.

Features and Benefits
* Equipped with new generation detector, delivers crisp and clear image
* Explosion prevention battery design for special environment use
* Display the thermal distribution of object in real-time, permit finding the anomalies at a glance
* Intuitive and simple menu navigation interface let the operation more plain
* Professional IR imager analysis software with MATLAB functions makes detailed analysis of images and generates analysis report automaticall


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