High-resolution thermal imager
IRT513-B/E IRay Technology Co.,Ltd.

It is a professional IR thermal imager for medical diagnosis. Extremely high thermal sensitivity and accuracy, it delivers the clear and crisp thermal distribution. Combine with the professional analyzing software, IRT513-B/E enables finding the abnormal change in structure. It has widely applied for early breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis and raynauds disease diagnosis. The IRT513-E is made up of high resolution IR camera and visible camera which permit to scan a large quantity data of human body temperature in a crowd and find out whose temperature is abnormal (Over 36 celsius). Thus, it also have been widely installed in airport, station, school and other public place for epidemic disease (SARS, H1N1) detection and control.

Feature and Benefits
* Compact and reliable design, with standard installation interface, easy to integrate in other medical equipment or installation
* Extremely high sensitivity and accuracy, find the subtle temperature difference and anomalies quickly
* Control and transmit data by Ethernet, measuring temperature and capturing images & videos in real time
* User-friendly software with power function, realizing spot/ line/area etc measurement, easy operation
* Professional IR imager analysis software with MATLAB functions makes detailed analysis of images and generates analysis report automatically
* Optional SDK available for all platform, Windows/Linux/Mac/Embedded Linux
* IRT513-B : automatic shutter compensation, super-low power consumption
* IRT513-E: With visible picture, find the target in crowd more fast and accurate


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