High-resolution thermal imager
IRS460-S IRay Technology Co.,Ltd.

Thanks for delivers clear and stable image under total darkness, heavy rain, mist, smoke, and any extremely environment condition, IRS460-S working excellent while large-scale searching, detection and surveillance to sea surface and air. It is available to be widely equipped on variable ships for surveillance, monitoring and rescue. It do a very good job on increasing ships safety & security, preventing threats approaching, assisting night navigation, avoid hidden rocks and floatage, safely docking.

Sensor Configuration
* High resolution IR thermal camera
* Laser range finder

Features and Benefits
* Image automatic tracking
* Laser ranging and turret angle measuring provide precisely target position information
* Using light conduct illumination technology on operation board, easy for night operation
* Mass storage volume enables recoding more than 1000h
* Specially designed for harsh environmental conditions on sea, anti-wave & corrosion-resistant
* Flexible operation, easy maintenance, high cost effective


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