three-phase voltage stabilizer / single-phase / AC / automatic
Ecostab IREM SPA



  • Electrical characteristics:

    three-phase, single-phase, AC

  • Other characteristics:



The dwindling fossil fuel reserves, the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lower availability of financial resources has spurred energy production from renewable sources and strongly boosted the development of technology for optimising (limiting) electricity consumption.
Ecostab automatic voltage optimisers are one of the solutions offered by new technologies to users.
These devices comply with the requirements of IEC 60038 for electric equipment operating tolerances and supply an operating voltage which minimises consumption without impairing performance or reducing reliability.
Ecostab automatic voltage optimisers deliver a stabilised voltage which can be set to the minimum tolerance established in IEC 60038, i.e. -10% (207V). This value is guaranteed also in presence of significant mains voltage variations. Interestingly, these devices are also excellent mains voltage stabilisers.