hot restrike igniter for xenon lamps electronic ballast
AS series IREM SPA



  • Applications:

    hot restrike igniter for xenon lamps


A complete range of high voltage igniters expressly designed to strike short arc Xenon lamps from 150 W to 15000 W. IREM high frequency superimposing igniters have been designed for AC mains supply to suit most applications. These asymmetrical igniters are characterized by a compact design, high thermal stability and galvanic insulation, and can be equipped with a wide range of timing boards that make them suitable for a wide variety of applications.
The igniters without suffix “A” (see "AS igniters folder") are suitable for manual ignition. The igniters with suffix “A” are fitted with a built-in timing board for automatic and/or short-timed ignition, to avoid damaging the igniter in case of faulty lamp operation. A short and noiseless lamp ignition can be achieved by selecting the timing board threshold voltage, as to be compatible with the electrical characteristics of every kind of rectifier.