CCTV camera / thermal imaging / full-color / microbolometer
IRI5000 Series IRISYS - InfraRed Integrated Systems



  • Function:

    CCTV, thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:



High resolution 384x288 pixels
Lens options wide, narrow view
Control interface
Digital zoom
Standard composite video o/p
Optional BT656 interface
Compact enclosure
Suitable for OEMs

Thermal Imaging has become cost effective for use in a wide range of night or day time surveillance applications. The IRI5000 Series provides clear crisp images in zero light conditions, allowing people and objects to be viewed by their thermal signatures. For perimeter CCTV solutions, the use of thermal imaging offers significant advantages in both detecting a person at night and separating them from the background during the day.

Reducing CCTVs Carbon Footprint:
Lighting a protected area for 6-14 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to enable the CCTV system to operate, impacts significantly on a sites carbon footprint. The IRI5000 Series is totally passive, allowing a site operator to maintain comprehensive security protection without the need for artificial lighting.

The marine environment brings a multitude of challenges when operating in the hours of darkness. The IRI5000 Series provides vision and situational awareness at night for collision avoidance and security. In man-overboard situations a thermal image delivers a valuable aid to locating the casualty.

Vehicle Night Vision:
Thermal imaging is no-longer the preserve of high-end defence applications. The IRI5000 Series offers night vision capability for manufacturers of vehicle systems for police, security and military applications.

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