solid milling cutter / thread / with cylindrical shank / high-performance



  • Construction:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, high-precision, cutting edge, with cylindrical shank

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 1 mm

    Max.: 25 mm

  • Length:

    Min.: 73 mm

    Max.: 105 mm


Iscar presents Solid Thread for threading.

Related to the cutting diameter, it has more flutes. Cutting forces are lowered by spiral flutes. It has sharp helical ground cutting edges. It provides lower machining time. The accuracy of thread diameter can be adjusted. Thread milling is placed besides the bottom of blind hole. It eliminates the need for bottom thread relief.

It provides controlled and exceptional finish of thread surface. It does not cause any issues with broken taps. A single tool can take care of several thread milling profiles. On CNC milling centers, it provides simple and high-performance machining for thread milling.

It can be used for threading of asymmetric parts. A broad range of tool diameters is available.