shell-end milling cutter / indexable insert / roughing / shoulder



  • Geometry:


  • Construction:

    indexable insert

  • Type:

    roughing, shoulder

  • Treated material:

    for titanium

  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, high-precision, cutting edge, with internal coolant, for the aeronautical industry, deep-cutting

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 50 mm

    Max.: 100 mm

  • Length:

    Min.: 75 mm

    Max.: 165 mm


The aerospace industry today is seeing a growing role of titanium and high temperature alloys (HTSA) in producing machine parts. In new designs, the need to reduce component weight has led to the introduction of high-strength titanium grades such as 10-2-3 or 5-5-5-3 as a real alternative to steel and stainless steel in key elements of loaded structures. The latter grades are difficult to cut; their machining by existing methods does not meet productivity requirements in this industry.