microstepping motor controller / two-phase stepper / DC / compact
IMC-S8 ISEL France


  • Motor type:

    microstepping, two-phase stepper

  • AC/DC:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, programmable, single-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis, 2-axis

  • Input voltage:

    230, 115

  • Current:


  • Output voltage:




The iMC-S8 step controller is a freely programmable compact controller for linear or circular axes with 2-phase step motors.

The controller integrates all the necessary components (power supply, safety circuit, power electronics, core processor, interfaces, operating elements) that are needed to control individual spindles all the way to entire machines. It has an intelligent core module that is controlled and programmed via a RS232 interface.

The core module also converts the commands programmed in the user program into clocking/direction signals for the connected final stages. Depending on the purpose, the iMC-S8 controller can be used either in CNC or in DNC mode.

In CNC mode, the processor processes the CNC program which was previously produced with PAL-PC and stored in the controller's Flash memory.

In DNC mode, the iMC-S8 controller is connected permanently with a control computer (PC, laptop) via a serial interface (RS232). Processing is carried out via the isel control software Remote.


32-bit RISC processor with Flash memory for user program
Final output stages
- Step resolution and motor current adjustable via variable DIP switch
- automatic current sink
Acceleration, start-stop frequency and step output frequency variable
both hardware limit switches configurable
Door controller/hood controller
Control elements in the front of the casing
external EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN andPOWER connection for integration inhigher level safety circuits