grooved clamping plate / T
VakuFit S / VakuFit L isel



  • Type:

    grooved, T


These anodized aluminum plates are for vacuum clamping with flexibility on each T-groove plate with a 4mm foamed caulking strip freely laid along its pattern for sealing it and a hose connectors at the suckers for 6mm hoses. It is able to connect up to six suckers to one pneumatic vacuume pump depending on the material property of the clamped workpiece. With compressed air of 5.5 level at the bar it can produce up to 80% vacuum and is suitable for clamping both small and large pieces. Optional equipment like gold anodized clamping plates, vacuum pump with meter, pressure reducer, maintenance kit with filter, hose, vacuum filter, pneumatic energy saving vacuum pump with meter, VakuFit-L, and the raster plates are also available.