multihead weigher / for the food industry / with central feed
Ishida Europe Limited



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Feed system:

    with central feed

  • Production speed:

    60 p/min


The Ishida Dates Weigher and Distribution System
A multihead weigher from Ishida's new high performance RV range, adapted specifically to handle dates, is combined with one of a choice of weigher-to-pack distribution systems, specially selected to meet market-standard pack formats.

Virtually labour-free handling of dates at 60* packs per minute
Ishida's innovative approach overcomes the major problem that made dates packing so reliant on labour in the past: the natural stickiness of the product.

This is achieved using an enhanced vibratory system and stick-resistant surfaces across the machine structure, to move product rapidly and smoothly through the weigher.

The powerful vibration of dispersion table and feeders can be tuned to exactly the right frequency for the variety and degree of ripeness of your product. This is made possible by Ishida's unique pulse width modulation (PWM) vibratory system. Unlike competitor systems, it can be adjusted totally independently of the power supply frequency.

All contact surfaces are designed to minimise clinging and sticking. For example, stainless steel contact parts are hex-embossed, with dispersion table and radial feeders coated in green Teflon, while weigh hoppers have PTFE-ribbed gates.

*Speeds vary depending on the specific product being handled.