X-ray inspection system / in-line / heavy-duty
IX-EN series Ishida Europe Limited



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    in-line, heavy-duty


Our IX-EN X-ray inspection system is the ideal way to introduce the benefits of in-line X-ray inspection into your business. It takes you far beyond metal detection, enabling you to pick up a much wider range of foreign materials and alllowing you to detect smaller contaminants.

Combining proven X-ray technology with Ishida standards of design and engineering, this X-ray system will provide years of consistent performance, assuring product quality and integrity.

Key benefits of the IX-EN range of X-ray equipment:

World-class foreign body detection

Can detect glass, stone, hard bone, rubber and hard plastic

Heavy-duty construction for years of reliable performance

Secure data storage for due diligence

Product masking and weight estimation

Product grading, missing pieces, fill-level control and voids in product

You can test our inspection equipment by ordering a free X-ray report for your products, which will show exactly what we can detect, and to what degree of sensitivity.

For more details, please contact your local Ishida Europe office or agent or distributor.