multihead weighing machine / for the food industry / for fresh products / poultry
Ishida Europe Limited



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry, for fresh products, poultry

  • Feed system:

    with screw feeder


The Ishida Weigh-Batcher offers perfectly styled trays of fresh meat and poultry with an efficiency, speed and accuracy unattainable with older methods such as hand packing or grading.

It combines an Ishida screwfeeder multihead weigher, capable of moving the stickiest products, with rapid, ‘intelligent' distribution to operators based in an ergonomically sound, compact workspace.

Each highly accurate weighment is conveyed to a workstation (up to eight in number) where it falls onto a holding gate. When the operator is ready, the weighment is released into a presentation tray. The operator then empties this into the final tray, styles it, and places it on an outbound belt for sealing, labelling and testing. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.