vertical bagging machine / VFFS / for the food industry / continuous-motion
Atlas Ishida Europe Limited



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous-motion, automatic

  • Throughput:

    180 p/min


Ishida Atlas bagmakers create robust, neat seals and backseals with a wide range of films for various snack products. Advanced engineering underpins their film handling, pack loading and sealing systems, ensuring reliable and stable operation even at the highest speeds. The result is first-rate productivity with product and film waste sharply reduced. All models will integrate fully with any fast multihead weigher to deliver high efficiency packing. They integrate with Ishida bagmakers to form single-manufacturer systems with efficiencies of up to 99%.

Speeds of up to 180 bags per minute
Ishida Rotary Jaw motion, with high-pressure, anvil-knife sealing delivers quality seals, even at highest speeds
Product-free seals assured by four separate systems, including Ishida stripping mechanism
Precise, consistent film feed due to load cell-driven film tension control and servo motor-controlled pull-down belt
Atlas 124 integrates seamlessly with an Ishida weigher to give high-efficiency packing system
Two Atlas 114 models integrate seamlessly with a single Ishida weigher to give efficient, space-saving packing system