screw-in fitting / elbow / hydraulic / swivel
129 Isiflo AS



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  • Diameter:

    Max.: 63 mm

    Min.: 32 mm


Isiflo coupling system for plastic pipes gives a tight and end-load resistant connection and can be used on:
· MDPE: BS6572 and BS6730
· Black poly: All classes, and BS3284
· Copper: Table X & Y
· Lead: BS602 and BS1085
· Galvanised steel: BS1387, BS3601 and BS3602 part 1 & 2. (only type 142)
· PVC: BS3505
· PEX: support insert has to be used

Insert shall be used on thin-walled PE pipes (for example SDR 17,6, on geothermal heat pumps etc.)

Assembly instruction:
· Cut the pipe, deburr.
· Loosen the nut, do not dismantle
· Mark insert distance (P) and push the pipe to the stop
· Tighten the nut against the body.

A good seal is only obtained when the pipe is pushed past the O-ring, up to the pipe stop and the nut is tightend against the body.
When using Isiflo coupling on cupper or steel pipes, shall the pipe always be installed with a clearance of approx. 3 mm from the internal stop.