granulates silo / for powders / for pellets / cement
Isimsan Ltd. Sti.



  • Product applications:

    granulates, for powders, for pellets, cement, bulk

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    for the food industry, for the plastics industry, industrial, for hygienic applications, mixing, pneumatic


Silos are large storage media used for bulk goods. They are used to store cement, limestone flour, plastic granules, animal feed, etc.

The design of the silos seems fairly simple at first glance. The silos are essentially filled from the top and emptied underneath. Depending on the material, a pusher for withdrawing is usefull. If gravity is not sufficient, conveyor screws could be used. In addition, gradually increasing horizontal pressure ratios in silos allow the use of a light construction design.

However, for the design of a safe and economical silo, it is necessary to consider the up- and downstream processes and always the possible hazards. Thus, for example, in agricultural product silos, a danger arises when the silo gas accumulates. Such application-specific details require the use of customized solution approaches.

Take advantage of our experience in this regard! Our specialists design a custom solution for you.