liquid tank / for paint / oil / for chemicals
Isimsan Ltd. Sti.



  • Product applications:

    for liquids, for paint, oil, for chemicals, fuel, for food products, drinking water, for water, cheese, liquid fertilizer, chocolate melting, for wine, for the food and beverage industry, for hazardous materials, for dairy products, for corrosive products, beverage, for diesel, for fruit, for milk, for low-viscosity materials, nitrogen, for the food industry, for effluents, for abrasive products, emulsion, for pellets, fruit juice, for acids and bases, for the wine industry, for single- or double-sided PCB

  • Material:

    stainless steel, steel, carbon steel, nickel alloy

  • Type:

    pressure, double-walled, cone-bottom, cylindrical, overhead

  • Function:

    storage, process, mixing, settling, fluid collection, cooling, fermentation, heating, storage

  • Applications:

    for food applications, for pharmaceutical applications, for the cosmetics industry, industrial

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, horizontal, with filter


Tanks are needed for the storage and transport of simple substances such as water, toxic substances, acids and bases, and flammable liquids such as fuels and oils and liquid gases such as propane and butane. Tanks are also used for all kinds of chemicals.

Isımsan produces tanks for different needs and factory deliveries. Simple tanks are usually produced in single or double-walled models and from steel or iron-based materials. Other metals and special coatings are also used to meet the tank material requirements (e.g. corrosion resistance). Other requirements include isolation, heating or cooling.

We are designing customized solutions that take special needs into account for the on-board use of tank systems.