Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscope


  • Type:

    fluorescence lifetime imaging


Alba FLIM is a computer-controlled instrument specifically designed for confocal imaging applications using either single- or multi-photon excitation. The modular design of the instrument allows it to be easily upgraded to acquire Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) data.
Besides its most attractive features such as high sensitivity and fast acquisition speed, Alba FLIMT comes with Vista, a powerful and user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software package.

Key Features of Alba FLIM:
Acquisition with up to four channels
Separate pinholes for each channel for higher resolution
Computer-controlled alignment of the confocal pinhole and optics
Choice between scanning mirrors or piezo-controlled XYZ stage
Single- and multi-photon excitation
Powered by Vista, a user-friendly software package for the acquisition of FLIM, FRET, RICS, and FCS
Alba FLIM can be combined with Alba FCS to a powerful, fully-equipped Alba - Confocal Spectroscopy and Imaging Workstation

Excitation Modality
One-photon (using an argon ion, krypton ion, or dye-laser) or multi-photon measurements (using a Ti:Sapphire laser) are possible with Alba FLIM

Alba FLIM can be interfaced with either a Nikon or an Olympus epifluorescence microscope.

Standard light detectors are cooled photomultiplier tubes.

Upgradeable to Alba FCST
Alba FLIM can be upgraded to acquire FCS data. All in a single instrument.


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