2-axis angled deburring machine / automatic / for PVC window and door
1000 x 1900 x 1500 mm | PA2CNC ITAL PLASTICK


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    for PVC window and door


Cleaning corner machine

The new cleaning corner machine PA-2CNC is controlled by a software which manages the moving of a saw blade on two axis that can clean untill 999 kinds of different profiles. Thanks to the PLC management,it is possible to clean several profiles by a unique saw blade. The cleaning corner PA-2CNC is perfectly set on
the base of our profiles or on the profile samples of our customers,so that the machine is supplied with all cleaning softwares already inserted.
However,the operator can update directly the software with new profiles and new measures.ThePA-2CNC is fitted with two knives for removing the top and bottom weld bead, two knives for cleaning the profile internal part and two small millers which clean the corner for gasket.All these tools are automatically levelled to the profile height and they can be take out for special machining.
The frame is positioned automatically by a self-centering device activated by a control panel placed on an autonomous pedestal.In such a way,the operator can easily start the automatic working and cleaning cycle at a minimum safety distance from the machine.
Once the profile has been blocked by clamps,theworking cycle in completely automatic.
By request it is possible to add the circular interpolation option,which allow the PA-2CNC to clean also rounded profiles.


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