2-axis angled deburring machine / automatic / for PVC window and door
720 x 1550 x 1200 mm | PA F/P series ITAL PLASTICK


  • Number of axes:


  • Operational mode:


  • Product application:

    for PVC window and door


The three models, PA-1F, PA-2F and PA-4F, besides differing in the numeber of milling units that they can house at the same time, have been manufactured with different operating cycles to guarantee the best return of investment.
The strong mechanical jacket the holds the milling shft, stands on aparallel of 30mm tempered steel shanks that the 32mm shaft fits onto. Firmly fixed to the aluminium cast base and fixed at the top by a prismatic coaxial connection, this system reduces to a minimum any problem caused by milling units that are not balanced correctly, making this machine ideal for processing large profiles. This mechanical principle is used to eliminate the problems involved with multiple shaft driven or mechanical driven system, where the parts wear out quickly involving costly production interruption and maintenance work, wich this system has virtually eliminated. The special bearings and supports help to absorb the vibratins during starting and slowing down of the milling units.
All the models have two units installed for removing the weld seam, both at the top and bottom that are self.levelling on the profile. In the PA-1F and PA-2F/P models, the knives are driven by a special selection switch. In the PA-1F and PA-4F models, the knives are driven automatically.
The milling units move horizontally and the milling depht can be regulated by special separate regulators for each milling unit. This means the profile milling can be easily and rapidly customised to specific needs.


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