turntable stretch wrapper / fully automatic / pallet / stretch film



  • Type:


  • Operating mode:

    fully automatic

  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    stretch film

  • Height:

    2,200 mm

  • Width:

    1,200 mm

  • Length:

    1,200 mm


The ECOSPIR FA is an ideal apparatus to be used for multiple pallets needed to be wrapped. The high quality pallet wrapper provides several advantages of the various models in the Ecospir line. The entire wrapping process from film clamping up to the film cutting and at the end of the cycle is automated. It is also an ideal device for wrapping a large number of pallets. It also features a powerful device with a high quality standard which begun from the working cycle through the remote control. It also features an automated film clamping with a cutting through pneumatic devices. The electro-mechanical control panel also has completely automatic working cycle operated through a photo cell. It also features an independent setting of the working parameter both bottom and top with wrapping numbers rotation speed and film tension.