wall-mount enclosure / modular / ABS / electronic equipment



  • Construction:


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  • Material:


  • Application:

    electronic equipment


EYE BOX expresses ITALTRONIC’S new frontier, connecting the industrial world of HOME & BUILDING AUTOMATION to the design of technological items, increasing personalization to the point of making it exclusive. The container takes on strong aesthetic character, with a beautiful final look, designed to express emotions. The new concept makes it possible for the consumer to interact with it in a functional and comfortable way: a knowledgeable mix of technology and design. Italtronic’s experience allowed including in the potential of the container many versions that, starting from a base concept, can give origin to a wide range of customizable solutions. The colors and details to choose from are many, a complete personalization of the front or of the rotating ring nut is possible to obtain multiple products with many and unique functions. The design makes multiple wall connections possible, both electrically and mechanically, meeting the needs of most electronic designers.