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Sample storage carousel for on-line sampling

Sample storage carrousel allows the storage of different kind of samples taken during the process :

- Better storage autonomy,
- The number of barrels of receipt and volume may vary.

A circular rotating table allows the positioning and the referencing of several barrels. By the automatism, the barrel takes place under the vertical descent of the material to analyze.

Specifications :

Welded profiled steel structure
Upper panel with the introduction of the samples through a BSP flange or pipe
Forward pivoting opening, used to install and remove the sample containers, with closed position check
Storage for the container tops in an enclosure located on the top or on the side of the equipment.
Intermediate circular plate including circular openings to maintain the storage containers
Main axis mounted on conical ball bearings with a free wheel
Positioning of container holding plate using a coding system with inductive sensors
Container presence detection system
Rotation of the container holding plate using a worm gear motor


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