swivel caster / with brake / plastic
0.0.444.95 item industrial applications



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with brake, plastic

  • Load capacity:

    50 kg (110 lb)


Castor line D65 (castor diameter 65 mm) consists of the variants: Swivel Castor and Swivel Castor with brake (brake for wheel axle).
The castors can be secured in the end faces of all Profile Lines by means of a thread in the core bore (counter boring and tapping may be required) or by using Base Plates/Transport Plates (Section 2.3 Accessories for Floor Elements).
The castors can be fitted to the groove side of the profiles using appropriate Base Plates/Transport Plates (thread lengths may need to be compensated by washers DIN 125). A combination with Floor-Fastening Plate 8 is also possible for specific applications.

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