Anti-creep crossed linear roller slide
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KRF linear unit - highest power density

As a complete system, the KRF linear unit (KRF = cross-roller guide) provides a high load bearing capacity in a very small space. The narrow 40 mm aluminium support profile does not require a separate guide and instead, utilises four high-strength steel running rails, which are directly rolled into the side surfaces of the X-shaped support profile. The steel rails are especially low-wearing and provide a positive connection without edges, even with long stroke lengths.

The guide slides, which are milled from a single block of high-strength aluminium, use eight heavy-duty running rollers in a crosswise configuration. The rollers are not mounted at right angles to the surface of the slide, but rather at angles of 45° and135°. Because of this, they run on both the top and bottom side of the recess in the support rail. Through their configuration, the rollers support each other, because the forces are not transmitted in a single direction.

Even with a load on the guide slide of up to 250 kg, the robust design enables a total travel distance of 10,000 km - in spite of very compact dimensions. The KRF linear unit is driven with a toothed belt drive. The slide provides a wide range of attachment possibilities and is equipped with an integrated scraper and lubrication system. The robust cross-rollers are also very low-maintenance, so that lubrication is only required every 6 months or after 2500 km travel distance.


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