Custom linear guide
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Linear guides - the basis of all automation solutions.

For quick and precise movements on slides and carriages, item supplies five different linear guides. These support both manual and powered drives. The modular construction enables individual linear units, which can be tailored to individual requirements with regard to stroke length, speed and setup.

The following guides for linear systems are available:

- Roller guides - variable and modular
- Rotating ball bearing guide units - with extra load-bearing capacity
- C-rail guides - for suspended loads
- Rotating ball bearing guide units - heavy duty with special rails
- Ball-bearing guide bushes - the complete system for simple linear units

Linear guides from item are based on various guide versions:

- Hardened shafts on the profiled groove. These ensure high rigidity for roller guides, rotating ball bearing guides and C-rail guides
- Profile rails. These give rotating ball bearing guides their special load-bearing capacity. Freely suspended shafts make ball-bearing guide bushes simple and variable to set up.

In addition to modular linear guides, item provides two complete solutions, which combine the guides and the drive unit.

KLE linear units combine roller guides and tooth belt drive in a single housing
KRF linear units - provide the highest power density thanks to very compact cross-roller guides in combination with a tooth belt drive


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