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Glue feeding unit
max. 206 kg | HF3 ITW Dynatec


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Hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs) require frequent adhesive re-filling. If the operator does not refill the ASU often enough, there can be insufficient time to melt and condition the adhesive. This results in equipment down time and employees waiting untill the hopper temperature returns to setpoint.

Installation of a HF Hopper feeder system reduces all of the above problems. The result is lower repair costs and higher production rates.

* Completely removes an operator from the hot melt supply unit area, thus preventing burns, adhesive spills and equipment contamination caused by overfilling of the adhesive hopper.
* Nozzle plugging and adhesive supply system contamination is virtually eliminated as the fully enclosed adhesive supply system keeps contaminants out.
* Less thermal shock to the hot melt system that results in balanced adhesive flow and ultimate adhesive savings.


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