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Inkjet printer head
Ultra Jet II ITW Trident


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Trident presents Ultrajet® II barcode printhead. The UJ2 352 can print sizes up to 1.9 inches or 48 mm. It is ideal for economical barcoding for cardboard boxes and outer carton boxes. It can print large alphanumeric characters, logos and other codes at 150 dpi resolution. It can provide speeds of up to 300 feet/minute or, for example, 2.5 standard bar codes/second.

Similar to other UltraJet II printheads, the 352 is robust and long-lasting. It can also be repaired easily. It offers a tall print height. Due to this, there is no need of adjusting seaming and registration for multi-head applications. Injection of micro-droplets of ink is at a speed of up to 9,000 drops per second.

In terms of imaging features, it provides an image height of 1.9 inches or 48 mm. It has 32 channels and 352 orifices. Addressability of pixels in the vertical direction is 17 pixels/inch or .666 pixels/mm. A huge number of high resolution ink-jet coding and marking machines of OEMs across the globe employ Trident's industrial inkjet technology.


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