power chuck / 3-jaw / lathe / gripper
6" - 34" | N.A. Woodworth UBL ITW Workholding



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    lathe, gripper


N.A. Woodworth’s Universal chucks have set the standard for all other power chucks in the industry. The "UBL" chuck’s unique design can accommodate both centralizing and compensating operations. While there are many imitators on the market, the Woodworth UBL is the Original Ball Lok chuck.

* Internal and External Chucking
* Positive Pullback (explanation)
* 2 and 3 Jaw Models
* Sealed Design
* Available with Quick-Change Jaws
* Sizes 6" - 34"

Positive pullback action; chucks are internally lubricated and have a sealed design to keep chips and other contaminants out; jaw homing device allows jaws to compensate for variations; various jaws for different workpieces can be readily exchanged.