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Annealing furnace / pit / gas-fired / multi-gas
max. +1 000 °C | T series IVA Industrieöfen


  • Function:


  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Atmosphere:


  • Maximum temperature:

    Min.: 0 °C (32 °F)

    Max.: 1000 °C (1832 °F)


IVA- Pit type furnaces, series T...e/g(V) are available with and without metallic retort, depending upon temperature and process to be performed. These furnaces with operating temperatures of up to 1.000 °C are mainly used for the following processes:

(Gas) Carburizing


Annealing processes under protective atmosphere as well as air



It is worthwhile to note, that this type of furnace has seen a renaissance over the past decade for the application deep case gas carburizing of large gear components for gearboxes of windmills. IVA has remarkably participated in that boom by providing large installations into this industry in Europe and Asia.

The same advanced technical features apply as with all other heat treatment equipment, available from IVA such as:

Energy efficient design w/ ultra light weight fiber insulation

Fast response heat-up and cool-down if necessary for the process

Add on systems as per demand such as high efficient cooling systems

Energy efficient heating systems w/ high efficient recuperated gas burners

Excellent temperature uniformity


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