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wet and dry vacuum cleaner / three-phase / for the plastics industry / metal machining
iV1 CLEAN iVision Vacuum



  • Applications:

    wet and dry

  • Power source:


  • Domain:

    for the plastics industry, metal machining

  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, ATEX, anti-static

  • Capacity:

    38 l (10 gal)



The industrial vacuums of the iV1 Clean line are the most compact and maneuverable of all the iVision industrial vacuums. Our company produced a specific series of industrial vacuums with side-channel turbines to use for industrial cleaning. Our models are used for generic industrial cleaning in metal-mechanical companies, and also to support a machine tool with an industrial vacuum. Swarf, chips, and dust generated from machine tools in metal-mechanical companies require a constant and efficient removal on part of the operators to guarantee a precise, high-quality finished product and above all, to safeguard the health of the operators. In addition to the ample range of side-channel turbine industrial vacuums, iVision also designed and patented many specific accessories for the world of industrial dust collection related to the iV1 Clean line, which render our products the ideal and indispensable solution for every metal-mechanical warehouse. Also, the extremely low noise level, and the ease of maintenance, the design and use of Italian engine manufacturing, are all part of the distinctive characteristics of every iVision industrial vacuum.