Volumetric expansion test bench
200 MPa, ISO IVS Tester Corporation

•ISO 11439 •ISO9809

•Proof pressure test and volumetric expansion measuring for cylinders as well as other pressure vessels and portable fire extinguisher, etc.

Technical data:
•Test pressure: 0~200MPa
•Test port: 1 port (Or Customized)
•Constant pressure precision: ±2% F.S
•Constant pressure range: 2%~100%F.S
•Drive method: Air Driven (7bar compressed air)
•Volumetric expansion precision: ±0.1ml
•Water jacket sealing: Cylinder automatic seal
•Sensor accuracy: ≤±0.5% F.S
•Clamping Method: Hoisting
•Dimension: a) Power station: 1200mm×600mm×1000mm
b) Water Jacket: (according to the cylinder size)

•Water jacket method to measure the rate of expansion.
•Automatic operation controlled by PC. High speed data acquisition system supports real-time display of pressure values, time and pressure-time curves, etc.
•Test result saved automatically even when power down happens accidently.
•User configuration on output pressure and the rate of pressure rise.
•Stable and reliable IVS test software, easy operation and monitor.
•Large flow capacity water pump and weighing devices is provided, automatic reading of cylinder volumes, testing pump made in USA provides a wide range of output pressure.
•All high pressure valves, tubing and fittings made in USA with 316SS to guarantee high test precision and stability.
•Most of the liquid medium is available.
•water jackets designed as explosion-proof structure, safer and easier in operation.
•Emergency stop and automatically unloading the high pressure against power off, unnormal pressure or leaks etc.


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