Volumetric expansion test stand
200 MPa, ISO IVS Tester Corporation


·Automobile, motorcycle brake hose , steering hose

Technical data:

·Test pressure: 0~40MPa

·Test pieces: 1 pc

·Pressure sensor precision: 0.5%FS

·Timing range: 0~120min

·Rate of pressure rise: Customized

·Burette tube range: 0~2mL (Max: 0~60mL)

·Sampling hose: Length: 305±6mm; O.D.: 6.3mm; Thickness: ≥1.52mm

·Calibration: System Expansion: ≤0.08mL(10.3MPa)

·Driven air:0.5MPa≤P≤0.8Mpa

·Power supply:220V AC, 50Hz

·Dimension: 800mm×500mm×1800mm


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