Positive-displacement pump / metering / for liquids / chemical
max. 7.11 psi | CFD series IWAKI AMERICA


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    for liquids

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The resolution of the CFD-1T-B has been greatly improved compared to our existing models. The minimum flow of 1mL/shot offers greater accuracy in chemical condensation control that is required in the wafer cleaning process. The CFD-1T-B always feeds the correct quantity of chemical without overshoot, eliminating excess liquid wastage. In addition, the anti-siphon mechanism prevents unintentional siphoning.

Capable of 1% repeatability leading to the efficient use of chemistry and fast replenishment without over-shooting the target.

PTFE and PFA wetted parts ensure process purity, as does an integral leak detection sensor.

Integration with existing process controllers is simple.

Design includes optical position sensor and integral leak sensor.

Suction and discharge ball check valves reduce the number of fittings associated with external valving and make installation easy.


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