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Mini PCI Express interface card / CAN
CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini IXXAT Automation


  • Bus standard:

    Mini PCI Express

  • Bus:



With the CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini IXXAT offers an interface board specially designed for applications which require the implementation of a CAN interface with minimum space requirements.

The CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini is available with one or two optional galvanic isolated high-speed CAN interfaces.

For the connection to the PC, IXXAT delivers the card with its proven VCI driver for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7. The driver supports all interfaces on the card and allows their usage with customer specific programs or with the analysis and configuration tools from IXXAT. The VCI driver also supports all other PC interfaces offered by IXXAT, which enables the user to easily switch the type of interface without any adaptation of the customer application.


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